Hit The Jackpot

Hit The Jackpot


WIN TWICE!!!  WIN CASH IN THE CANDLE ($2 - $250 / silver treasure chest) AND WIN AGAIN WITH OUR

                                  BINGO JACKPOT!!!!

Purchase any Jackpot Candle and you get a packet with 2 cards and 2 numbered markers for Bingo / PLUS CASH in the candle!!! WIN from $2 to $250.00!!!


First person to hit BINGO WINS the Jackpot!!!! 



                  JACKPOT $225.00


Every time we sell a Jackpot Candle the pot will increase by $5.00. We will regularly post here and on our Facebook page the latest Jackpot amount. We expect some HUGE pots!!! 

The more candles you buy the more cards you will have to play with and more numbered markers to fill them.

GOOD LUCK and have FUN!!!!

Buy two or more and pay ONLY $23.99 each.  Use code: bingo



1. All Bingo cards have numbered stickers. Winner must have numbered sticker on card. No sticker no winner. Photo's of each card and sticker are taken when order is processed.

2. If you received candle as gift you must have name of purchaser so we can validate.

3. Only our Bingo markers can be used. Our numbered markers are recorded with each order. Validation through purchase must occur before Winner can make claim.

4. Winner must take pics of markers and card  and email us at hiddentreasuresoycandles@gmail.com for validation. 

5. Do not post winner on Facebook until we validate your claim.

6. Bingo is completed with a line of five numbers in diagonal,

horizontal or vertical row.

7. First person to email us with BINGO WINS!!! No Ties