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Birnn's Chocolates are so delicious that we at HTC have become a distributor and will now bring them from that little town in Vermont right into your home! Now you can enjoy what those that live there have treated themselves to all their lives. Here is one of the many great reviews we found online:

Birnn's chocolates are a true delight! For the last 15 years I have made a visit before the holidays to purchase treats for all my family. If I show up  without those wonderful little boxes of deliciousness I know I'm going to hear about it! We all have our favorites. The dark chocolate covered caramels are to die for. There are truffles, turtles and chocolate covered pretzels, chips, and even Oreos... if you want sugar free there are options there too. While the chocolate is expensive it is also very fresh and delicious. If you prefer milk chocolate there is that option, although the health benefits of dark chocolate just give me one more reason to stick with that. When you visit the shop you can ask for a sample of one piece if you want to expand your taste horizons. The staff are efficient and helpful and they will wrap those boxes of yumminess to save you the trouble. For me that's worth a great deal!!

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