"Moose Snowboarder" Wax Dipped Critter

Hidden Treasure Soy Candles


Sugared Spruce:  Not only is this one of the most popular Christmas and holiday candle scents, it gives a pleasant woody aroma year round that is a perfect blend of greenery and sweetness. Our Sugared Spruce fragrance has notes of stately Blue Spruce, earthen moss, warm cedar wood, and balsam wood rounded out with a base of vanilla and caramel butter with sweet berry hints, cassis, and sugar crystals.(w/ Sterling Silver earrings)

 Waxed dipped critters are one of the hottest new craft trends around! They make great gifts, additions to gift baskets, and they sell great in gift shops! Set these lovable critters on a non-staining surface in your home, and enjoy the fragrance in the air when you walk by them! These bear air fresheners work great in bathrooms, kids' rooms, offices, etc! The perfect gift for House Warming, Valentine's Day, Baby Showers, Birthdays or any holiday!

Each stuffed wax critter will come with a surprise jewelry packet and also have a chance to find a a special grand prize for the wax critters!

Bear Care:

  • Do not set waxed bears on wood surfaces as the oils in the wax can stain the wood!
  • These are not toys, keep out of the reach of children!
  • These are not candles and are not meant to be burned!
  • To refresh your bear, simply use a blow dryer to heat him for approx. 1 minute